Next book is under way!

This week I completed the prologue for A Girl Named Sellers. My research for the novel is now complete, and although I’ve still a few decisions to make regarding how to manage the timeline and structure the flow of the book, I felt it was time to start writing. I write mostly intuitively, so although I have a plan, I’m usually pleased when the plot or a character doesn’t run exactly the way I first intended!

Writing a prologue for a novel is as much a method by which I get into my story, as it is a product within itself. I originally wrote a prologue for The Gisburn Witch, however once I completed the book and began the first edit, it felt better to exclude it, and to start the story without it. My gut feeling this time around is that the prologue for A Girl Named Sellers will stay – there is something fundamentally bleak about Jennet Device/Sellers’ story and at the moment it feels right to present this to the reader from the outset.

Next week I hope to get on with the first one or two chapters – children and other commitments permitting!

Watch this space for news about The Gisburn Witch – my lovely beta readers are almost finished and from there it’s the final edit and then publication!


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