Sadie King Novels

The Wax Artist by Sarah L King CoverSpinster with a Scandalous Past
Release Date: January 2024

Sworn never to marry

Or reveal her secrets…

Staying with her aunt for the summer, hoping to finally put the past behind her, spinster Louisa Conrad meets the baronet of Hayton Hall, Sir Isaac Liddell—a man so broodingly abrasive she’s determined to keep her distance! Until she discovers why he’s that way… With his experiences so like her own, Louisa can’t help but fall for him. She cannot let him closer unless he knows the truth of her past…but telling him risks her losing everything!

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Rescuing the Runaway Heiress by Sadie King CoverRescuing the Runaway Heiress
Release Date: July 2024

Will a double masquerade…

Reveal their one true love?

Running away from a forced betrothal, daring actress Hope Sloane is lost and injured when she’s rescued by dashing gentleman Samuel Liddell. As she’s given the best guest chamber at Hayton Hall, it’s clear the baronet thinks she’s a society lady! To avoid being found out, she employs all her acting skills to become a grand heiress…

Only, second son Samuel is not a baronet, either! But to make Hope feel safe, he goes along with her assumption. Hidden away together, the affection between them deepens, until unexpected guests arrive, and his lie threatens to backfire spectacularly!

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