Other Work

In this section I will list the various articles, poems & short stories that I have had published over the years.

Short Stories

We Are The Fallout
This dark political tale is about a woman and her mother who, whilst travelling together on a cruise ship, witness the beginning of a nuclear war. It was originally published online in 2018 by Coffin Bell, a quarterly online journal of dark literature and was also selected to be included in their first print anthology Coffin Bell: One.

Eerie Whispers
This short story follows Alana, a woman tormented by an inner voice who visits a psychic with unexpected and dark results. It was published online in 2018 by Dark Fire Fiction, a website dedicated to tales of horror.

The Smailholm Faerie
This short fantasy tale tells the story of an encounter between an inquisitive mythical creature and a grieving young man, and what happens when their worlds collide. It was published online in 2018 by the now defunct Reader Writer Lounge.

Somewhere in Between
An elderly woman reflects on a diminished world in a tale about love and the power of memory. This short story was published online in 2020 by the now defunct Gutter Voices.


‘Whores and Witches’ – The Women of the Pendle Witch Trials
This academic article was published online as part of Edinburgh University’s Dangerous Women Project in 2016.


This poem about World War I was published in a young writer’s poetry anthology, “2001: A Poetry Odyssey Preston” under my maiden name of Sarah Tattersall back in 2001 when I was 15.