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The Wax Artist by Sarah L King CoverThe Wax Artist
Released: 2nd December 2021

Spring, 1803. An uneasy peace between Britain and France endures – for now. In Edinburgh, as speculation grows about the resumption of war, the city’s parlours and taverns find distraction in the intriguing new faces appearing in the affluent New Town. On Hill Street, the Andrews family arrives from London, reeling from a recent scandal but determined to make a fresh start. And on Thistle Street, Marie Tussaud’s waxwork exhibition opens, offering vivid glimpses of French royalty and revolutionaries alike.

Glimpses which French émigré and psychic Ailsa Rose does not welcome.

However, unwanted reminders of bloodshed and strife are the least of Ailsa’s worries. When her spiritual abilities cause her to cross paths with the Andrews family, she foresees the death of the eldest daughter, Clara. Disturbed by the violence of her vision, Ailsa feels compelled to investigate and to thwart Clara’s dreadful fate.

But as Ailsa digs deeper into the young woman’s secrets, she also finds herself unearthing the ghosts of her own past, including those she thought she’d left behind in revolutionary France…

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The House at Kirtlebeck End by Sarah L King CoverThe House at Kirtlebeck End
Released: 2nd December 2019

“Let the dead speak”

Two troubled women. Two different decades. Two unsolved disappearances. Will the house that witnessed it all ever give up its secrets?

In 1972 artist Eleanor Murray starts afresh in Kirtlebeck with her husband, Bert, and daughter, Anna. Still reeling from Bert’s recent infidelity, Eleanor’s hopes of happiness in their rural idyll are swiftly consumed by depression and despair. Then, just months after their arrival in the village, Bert goes missing.

In 2018 Eleanor’s estranged granddaughter, Harry James, arrives in Kirtlebeck after inheriting the Murray family home. Desperate to put her chequered past behind her, Harry is determined to learn about the family she never knew and to discover what happened to her mother, Anna, who vanished without a trace years ago.

As the story moves between the decades, secrets are unearthed and the dead begin to speak. Alone in the big old house, Harry learns that nothing is quite as it seems, and that behind a family history filled with strange disappearances lurks an otherworldly tale of darkness, obsession, and vengeance.

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Ethersay by Sarah L King CoverEthersay
Released: 30th November 2017

“The day after the referendum, my life fell apart…”

The day after the Scottish independence referendum in 2014, Glaswegian Yes activist Rebecca Owen decides to run away. After being involved in a car accident she is knocked unconscious and when she wakes, she finds herself inexplicably marooned on an isolated Scottish island, Ethersay.

Suffering from memory loss, Rebecca finds herself drawn into the island’s mysteries, particularly those surrounding the strange disappearance of a young woman, Delilah Berry, whose fate seems to be inextricably intertwined with her own. As Rebecca draws closer to the truth about Delilah, she is forced to confront what happened to her in Glasgow, and everything she lost, with devastating consequences…

A stirring tale of passion, loss and betrayal, Ethersay is a novel about the search for truth, but also the pain of remembering.

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The Gisburn Witch by Sarah L King CoverThe Gisburn Witch
Released: 1st June 2015

“An interesting and entertaining novel.” – The Historical Novel Society.

“A haunting, fascinating story.” – Deborah Lincoln, author of Agnes Canon’s War.

A tragic tale of friendship, passion and betrayal set against the backdrop of the Pendle witch trials of 1612, one of the most famous witch trials in English history.

Scandalised as a young woman after being accused of seducing Tom Lister, a gentleman’s son, Jennet Preston’s life is filled with shame and hardship. An outcast in her own village, she befriends the Device family in Blacko, and she is quickly embroiled in their world of folk magic and superstition, of old family feuds and dangerous reputations.

When fate intervenes to reunite her with Tom, Jennet risks everything for love and happiness, but when tragedy strikes Jennet finds that she is vulnerable to accusations for which she could pay the ultimate price. The Gisburn Witch is a novel about falling in love with the wrong person, making the wrong friends, and being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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A Woman Named Sellers by Sarah L King CoverA Woman Named Sellers
Released: 31st May 2016

“[King] is excellent on rural life in 17th century Lancashire, and her characters are convincing products of superstition, prejudice and class divisions.” – The Historical Novel Society

“Highly recommended for fans of historical fiction.” – K.J Farnham, author of Click Date Repeat and Don’t Call Me Kit Kat.

Twenty years after the first witch trials, is history about to repeat itself in Pendle?

Following the sudden death of her father, Jennet Sellers arrives in Barley to live with the Holgates, her relatives whom she barely knows. Grieving, and thrown into the turmoil of her new, cramped household, she finds solace in new friendships and in her attraction to the handsome, charismatic stonemason from Cumberland, William Braithwaite.

However, Jennet has a secret; a terrible, guilt-ridden secret which has haunted her since childhood. As Jennet finds herself falling in love with William, her life also begins to unravel, threatening to remove her thin veil of anonymity and reveal who she really is. Then, when a little boy starts telling tales about witches, suddenly Jennet finds that she is in the middle of a painfully familiar situation which puts not only her life at risk, but also threatens the lives and happiness of those she loves the most.

A Woman Named Sellers is a novel about love, forgiveness and atonement which asks, is it ever possible to escape your identity and your past?

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The Pendle Witch Girl by Sarah L King CoverThe Pendle Witch Girl
Released: 18th August 2018

What should you do when you discover that you’re the child of witches?

This is the predicament which faces Jennet Device. An illegitimate and lonely child, Jennet can only look on in horror while her family engage in the dark side of the folk magic learned from her grandmother, the notorious cunning woman known as Old Demdike. As terrifying tales of bewitchment and murder sweep through the Forest of Pendle, Jennet is forced to realise the power of their vengeance, and her powerlessness to stop it.

When her family’s practices come to the attention of the local sheriff, Jennet suddenly finds herself at the centre of a witch trial which could destroy them all. The little girl from Pendle is now the court’s star witness, and she has a terrible choice to make: can she bring herself to lie to protect them, or find the courage to tell their stories to the world even if it could cost them their lives?

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