Getting into the swing of things

Over the past few weeks I’ve been working hard (and quietly – so apologies for my silence) on the sequel to The Gisburn Witch, A Girl Named Sellers. I’m pleased to say it’s going well, and I’m really enjoying the process of putting the novel together, building the characters and the themes which run through it. Before anyone gets too excited, I’m not there yet, but in terms of chapters written I’m almost in double digits and I’ve got a good momentum going.

Things are also looking positive for The Gisburn Witch, with last month’s Goodreads giveaway really boosting the book’s profile, generating a lot of interest (not to mention a few more sales!). It’s been really great to hear from people who have read and enjoyed the book, too, and to hear what they took from it, what they liked or didn’t like about particular characters, how the ending made them feel. It’s still a strange feeling at times, to discuss a story I wrote, one which lived in my head for such a long time but is now ‘out there’, so to speak.

All being well, I won’t keep those looking forward to the second book waiting for too long!!

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