Cracking the US Market

Whilst sales of The Gisburn Witch in the UK have been respectable, so far getting any sales at all in the US has proved tough. It’s hard to figure out exactly why this is; I’m a writer after all, not a PR guru (I could write a separate, lengthy blog post on this – one of the many challenges of being a self-published author is that you have to be a jack of so many trades). It could be the subject matter; if a US reader wants to read novels based around witch trials, they might instinctively head for the Salem shelf rather than delving into the British alternatives. Or, it could quite simply be a result of how I have marketed the book; mainly through social media and blogging, all of which comes from a British base (as I am a UK based writer).

Whatever the reason(s), I despair no longer, for today I have sold my first copy of The Gisburn Witch in the US!! So, here’s to hopefully the first sale of many more! On which note, if you’re in the US you can get your ebook or paperback copy today on by following this link:


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