We Are The Fallout

Happy Easter Monday folks! Today I am really happy to share with you my short story which has been published by Coffin BellCoffin Bell is a new quarterly online journal of dark literature which publishes poetry, flash fiction, short stories, and creative nonfiction exploring dark themes. You can find out more about what they do here.

My story is called We Are The Fallout, and is a dark political tale about the nuclear apocalypse. The story focuses on the experiences of a young woman and her mother who are travelling together on a cruise ship of holidaymakers which, having survived the initial destruction, now must find land and attempt to survive against hopeless odds. I was inspired to write the story by current global and political events. When watching the news one evening, I found myself wondering about the worst-case scenario: what if you were somewhere in the world where you survived the bombs, but know that you are ultimately doomed by the environmental consequences and are powerless in the face of your own fate? How do you deal with that? What happens next?

We Are The Fallout muses on the terrible possibilities. You can read the story here.

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