A Woman Named Sellers Released a Day Early

I had originally planned to released A Woman Named Sellers exactly a year after the release of my first novel, The Gisburn Witch. However, it appears that a mistake by my husband, who helped set up the publishing on Amazon for me, has resulted in the book being released a day early.

I will just have to roll with this slight change to my plans as thankfully the book was ready to be published anyway. It has been an enjoyable 12 months of writing and editing, and I am very pleased with the final result.

Anyway, I had better spend the rest of the post plugging my book so that everyone will go out and buy it!

A Woman Named SellersA Woman Named Sellers
Released: 31st May 2016

Twenty years after the first witch trials, is history about to repeat itself in Pendle?

Following the sudden death of her father, Jennet Sellers arrives in Barley to live with the Holgates, her relatives whom she barely knows. Grieving, and thrown into the turmoil of her new, cramped household, she finds solace in new friendships and in her attraction to the handsome, charismatic stonemason from Cumberland, William Braithwaite.

However, Jennet has a secret; a terrible, guilt-ridden secret which has haunted her since childhood. As Jennet finds herself falling in love with William, her life also begins to unravel, threatening to remove her thin veil of anonymity and reveal who she really is. Then, when a little boy starts telling tales about witches, suddenly Jennet finds that she is in the middle of a painfully familiar situation which puts not only her life at risk, but also threatens the lives and happiness of those she loves the most.

A Woman Named Sellers is a novel about love, forgiveness and atonement which asks, is it ever possible to escape your identity and your past?

Available at: Amazon / iTunes / iTunes UK / Smashwords / Kobo

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