Anthology Submissions

Submissions are now invited for the anthology Words and Deeds: Stories of a Woman’s Right to Vote.

On 14th December 2018 it will be one hundred years since women cast their votes in the first parliamentary election held since the Representation of the People Act 1918 was passed, granting suffrage to women over 30 who met certain property qualifications. Whilst it was another ten years until all women got the vote on the same terms as men, 1918 was undoubtedly a watershed moment in British history following half a century of campaigning by suffragists and suffragettes across these isles. In recognition of this, I would like to put together an anthology of short stories to be published in December 2018.

For this anthology I am seeking short stories from writers which address the theme of women and the vote. These stories don’t have to be historical, or indeed focused on the suffrage movement in the UK. I am looking for stories from across the globe and across the genres – tell me a contemporary story, a historical one, or indeed a futuristic one. Tell me a dystopian story, write me some sci-fi, or a comedy, a mystery or even a horror. Write me something which crosses the genres – I don’t mind, as long as it relates to the theme of women and the vote.

The anthology will be published in ebook and paperback formats under the  Ethersay Publishing  imprint.

Submission guidelines

I am looking for short stories with an upper word limit of 4000 words and whilst I will accept any genre, the subject must relate in some way to women and voting.

All submissions should be in English and be as error free as possible. If you are accepted your work will be proofed by myself and various editors I have used in the past. We may, from time to time, suggest edits but will make sure you are involved in the process.

All submissions should be your own, original work and you should hold all rights.

I will not accept work that has been previously published in print or e-zines. I will consider work that has appeared on social writing websites such as blogs and free membership writing sites. However, I do expect pieces to be removed from these sites before submission. I do not accept simultaneous submissions.

Stories must be double spaced, in 12-point Times New Roman font (or something similar). The story title, name, word count, and contact information should appear on the first page.

Submit your stories via email to as an attachment in .doc, .docx, or .rtf format. The subject of your email should be SUBMISSION: <story title> by <name>. The email body should contain a short list of your publishing credits and any pertinent biographical details.

Deadline for submissions is 30th April 2018 and I aim to respond to every submission.


Copyright will remain with our contributors. A standard contract will be sent out on acceptance.

I am seeking twelve months of exclusive worldwide print and electronic distribution rights and non-exclusive worldwide print and electronic distribution rights in perpetuity.


On publication, every accepted contributor will receive an electronic version of the anthology in either epub, pdf or mobi format. In addition contributors can buy one paperback copy at print cost.

I also aim to give each contributor a monetary payment. Profits will be shared in the following way:

All  profits made from the sale of the anthology  from the date of initial publication until twelve months has passed will be split as detailed below:

50% of any profit will be retained by Sarah L King.

50% of any profit will be shared out between our contributors equally based on the number of stories included.

For example: The whole publication contains 10 short stories. If a profit of £500 is made then the split would be as follows:

50% of profit is retained by Sarah L King = £250

50% of profit is shared between writers = £250

Each writer would therefore receive £25


If profit made means a writer will receive less than £1 (UK sterling) no payments will be made.

Any profit made from sales of the publication that occur after twelve months have passed since initial publication date will be retained by Sarah L King.

I realise that this method is a little bit messy but it  ensures if it is a success that we can all profit from it.